Becky Statham
HR Transformation Consultant – Workday & Cornerstone Project

“Will is a brilliant and unique personal trainer. His genuine passion for helping people and expert knowledge of bio mechanics and ways to counteract the negative effect that office jobs is having on our bodies, makes Will better than any other personal trainer I have ever worked with. My chronic back pain literally disappeared after our first session so I highly recommend Will to anyone that wants to feel better fast.”


Karen Robinson
Head of Partnerships and Development – Missing People

“If you’re looking for a personal trainer who takes you seriously and listens to you then Will is your guy! I’ve learnt more about my body, my abilities and my strengths in one year than in a decade of alternative training and physical therapy methods. Will tailors each session to you in a really personal way and never pressures you to do anything you don’t want to, while also getting the best out of you and encouraging you to progress. My exercise and sport was severely restricted by several posture problems and injuries and through Will’s careful approach I’ve been able to achieve things I’d never dreamed possible. As a result of his dedication and help I’m now an active member of two sports teams and feel so much more confident in body and mind. Don’t take my word for it – try him out! I’m absolutely certain you’ll be pleased you did…”


Thompson Reuters
Group Session – During their ‘wellbeing week’

“I just wanted to thank you for the session you did for us on Wednesday. The feedback I’ve had has been really positive, I appreciate your contribution to our Wellbeing Week here in Nottingham.

Thanks again Will, it was great to meet you, your enthusiasm and energy really shone through.”


Neil Warsop
Civil Servant

“As someone who was new to the gym, having tried unsuccessfully to get into it in my twenties, I needed someone to show me the ropes, as I was keen for the habit to stick in my (late) thirties.

Will provided a great introduction to the unfamiliar world of the gym. He was approachable, easy to deal with, friendly, not pushy and helped me develop a routine suitable to my needs.

But that was just the start, as someone who is 6′ 7″, and desk bound by day, Will focused on sorting out my posture and exercises tailored to that. The results over 6 months were amazing.

I looked completely different, I didn’t realise how bad by posture was until I started working with Will, but we soon rectified it.
If you want a PT who is going to focus on heavy lifting/intensive exercises, unsuitable to a novice and 4 protein shakes a day, then Will is not your guy. But if you want a PT who is going to concentrate on correcting posture and then build sustainable strength based around human biomechanics, then Will is your man.”


Hendrik De Jong

“I have been with Will for a few weeks and I’m very happy with my progress.

A few years ago I had an operation in my neck, and my right shoulder was seriously injured. I couldn’t move my shoulder for 6 months, and I lost muscle and movement. My other shoulder and my back also lost movement, and I developed a bad posture, which I ignored for a few years.

Now I am with Will, he loosens my muscles (through myofascia release), and makes me exercise to stand properly upright, and walk correctly.

Will has also improved my right shoulder’s movement dramatically. Because of my bad shoulder, I had daily headaches, and after 1 week with Will they have disappeared.

I am 44 years old, and I felt I had lost the battle against the stiffness, tiredness and headaches, but now I’m confident that because of Will, soon again I will have my healthy and fit body back. My friends tell me I look taller and healthier (only after 2 weeks), and I feel a lot better with myself.

If you had an injury in the past, or any other problem: I can highly recommend Will. He is friendly, considerate, patient, and not ‘gym-instructor intimidating’.”